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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

In my zombie apocalypse survivor community

I love my husband.  I mean, he's the best thing and I know no one could ever get me more.  He supports me, he is the better spouse in a hundred ways, and he's smart and attractive and a great dad.... and he engages in my crazy conversations.  Tonight, I came home in a funk. Bad fight with a co worker, boss's stress, etc.   but after I out baby to bed and had some wine, I started talking about conflict resolution in a small closed society? Such as in a post apocalyptic world.
Thoughts on this began to develop from several areas.  First, Walking Dead.  How will these survivors handle criminals in the long run? Are humans destined to be classist?  Etc.  next, watching the Jodi Arias trial and wondering if juries are so easily dissuaded by sideshow antics?  And third, all this senate discussion on vawa.  Jury trials seem like they are not the answer, but the best we have.  Derived from a system that in most ways is gone now.  Who are our peers? What is prejudicial? Etc.  it's so convoluted.   Anyway jorge and I had a good meaningless discussion on this totally abstract and irrelevant topic tonight and it makes me remember why I love my smart and creative and thoughtful husband. He's just fun.  Not everyone would want to have this nerdy talk with me but I needed to get my mind off my day. It worked.
We decided my value to the community is relatively slim.  I'm essentially blind. Past effective child bearing age, wet nursing is probably not likely, and my skills seem to be lawyering and other bullshit genre. Scary. I should learn how to sew or something soon


  • At 9:43 PM, Blogger LSL said…

    Just looking up friends from years past :) Congrats on your family, and it's very nice to see some updates. Good luck to you!


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