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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Another year

Today starts 2009!  I'm so happy it will begin with four whole days off work.  I need to start out my work year next week refreshed and rejuvenated.   Lots to accomplish and not feeling motivated about it. 

We celebrated the end of 2008 with the Reddys.  We had only seen them once since little Drew was born.  What a gorgeous little boy!  Suri is the cutest dad.  We went to Indian food, and were fast asleep by 10 pm.  Thats perfect.

   Our Christmas in Oregon was amazing, and we got to have a great time with family.  Justin and Miry and Garrett and Jami came out for a night at Edgefield, even with all the snow.  A very nice time, never enough time though.   Christmas Tea at the Heathman was a highlight too.  Just me, Mom and Bren.  

This past year was really good.  I can't complain.  Good travels, good friends, good health...cant ask for more.  Change has been good for so many of our close friends.  Many welcomed babies this year, and its so nice to see all the happy little families.  Having Wy in our family made Christmas all the more special.  He's just too cute and fun.  Of course, there has been some unfortunate events, primarily with the economy laying a smackdown on everyone.  A few people losing jobs, and thats awful.  Hopefully, things will turn around this year!

My dad was able to come and visit for ten days.  It was nice.  He is still dad, with his random acts of crazy, but he made us yummy dinners and helped me with a Christmas party.  He seems good.  I miss him.  

We are training for the half marathon again.  Not as devoted to the training as I would like to be.  But its coming along.  Wish us luck! less than three weeks to 13.1!

Im currently in the process of finishing decorating my bedrooms.  New paint, etc.  New closets coming.  Im slow about it, but I really like making my house my own.  I adore my little house on 8th street.  It survived some big winds this year.  

In 2009, I am hoping to have many new experiences with the people I love.  El G and I are looking to plan some more travel.  Im tempted to return to Paris, I am intrigued by Argentina, and I can always be talked into a few days in Mexico.  We need a NYC weekend as well.   And then some short trips to the PNW.    we will see new babies from some close friends this year, and are expecting some visits from some of our missed friends.  

I wish all of you a very happy new year and may your 2009 bring your joy, luck, and happiness. 


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