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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sometimes my brain scares me

For all the simple things it fails to remember or is unable to process, yes. But what really scares me is that part of my brain that seems to KNOW things that I don't understand how I could know. I'm not in any way psychic, but there are so many instances of where I think something and then...out of nowhere that thing turns out to be.

Like just the other day, I had a dream about a high school friend. In that dream, her and her older brother and I were hanging out doing simple stuff teenagers do. I used to spend a good deal of time with that family. I don't have the time or opportunity to talk to any of them much anymore, but it was a very intense dream, though nothing too much was happening. And then, the next day, she emails me, which is rare.

And last night, I had this random thought of a girl. A friend of a friend. I had been talking to El G about how I was once really offended when Dirtiest Man Alive said that but for me landingEl G, me and this skank are really not that far apart. Seriously, she's the biggest skank pathetic loser I currently know, and i have no idea what he could see in me that is anything close to her. Aside from age, dark hair, and the same career. Anyway, I digress. So skank came up in lunch talks yesterday. I remembered Dirtiest Man Alive's comment, and it made me think of another girl (not SKANK but another skank-type) have a similar friendship skank-type has with someone I'm friends with. I never think of her. EVER. And I started thinking of her for a while today and about how she and I have had similar experiences with a shared friend. I hope my experiences are not as simple as hers were, but I guess a part of me worries that i am as forgettable as she is. So then today, I see that out of nowhere she comes forward. Random since no one that I know of has heard from her in months, and then there she is. Just as I was thinking of her. I know this makes no sense, but it was like some part of me knew that the question I was asking myself needed to be answered. And so it is. So it causes me to reflect on my value. Don't try to understand this post. I don't even understand it.

So see? I'm not convinced that I can predict things. Sometimes I dream things about people who happen to be thinking of me, and then I'll hear from them. Or I dream of my friends or family and it will make me call them only to discover that they need a friend or some help. This stuff happens all the time. Not significant stuff. No Nostradamus level of stuff. Maybe I just need practice.

OK-- I think I need a nap. I'm not making any sense. ;)
But I'm back online. No promises. I've been crazy busy and have no time these days. But I do miss writing.

9 days to Europe.


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