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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Like a Record Baby

I've been spinning around and around lately. Never seem to be able to take the time and fire up this here computer box thing. I refuse to whine about work...just know it's busy. I feel like a I work way more than I used to. Other than that, there was the whole travel thing. Planning for Europe, getting work ready for the leave, coming back, coming back from vacation...etc. etc. It was tough. Then there was the trip of course! which was the best 13 consecutive days of my life! XOXO to Paris! Eleven days not thinking about work. It was like I had a new life. Eating great food, drinking wine, wandering around.. the whole experience was amazing. I am committed to doing that every other year.
So this fall was all Europe trip planning and the arrival of baby Wyatt! He is the best little nephew one could ask for. Baby sis is kicking butt as a mom and her and the little family are too sweet. I'm so stinking proud of them! We got to see them over Thanksgiving, and it wasn't enough time, but just enough to make me miss them even more!
El G and i are in training again for another half marathon. Which means running three nights a week and long runs on Sunday. So... that eats up so much of my little free time! I ve been sick twice in the last two months too.. so the free time thing has just been non-existent. Holiday season now, so we have a few parties and all that stuff... and then it will be our second anniversary and 2008 already! So many things to look forward to next year, including baby Scandlen and Pastor. Its so amazing how my circle of friends just multiplies! Its so cool. and I swear the DP club makes some beautiful mommies! Seriously, those chics are some seriously beautiful moms.
Laid Back and her man finally tied the knot last month... good times. I'm sure there will be mini-Souccars any time.
Secret Agent Man dad is visiting for two weeks at the end of the month and I can't wait. I miss him to pieces right now.
Wow... I miss blogging. I miss just writing down thoughts. I need to take time to do this a little more. But right now, my naked Christmas tree beckons. and a fevery husband...I knew it was too quiet around here!


  • At 4:12 AM, Blogger LSL said…

    Hey, it's fun to hear from you again! Glad you had such a great time in Europe - and what a good description that it feels like having a new life. Hope you squeeze in a little blogging time in 2008.


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