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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Three Years used to seem like a long time

Wow, it must be the New Year that drives me to post. I havent posted since the beginning of 2009. I've been kinda busy.
Right after that Christmas in 2008, I found out I was pregnant. It was a big adjustment. Miss Olivia Lynn joined our team in August 2009. She is simply awesome. And now, in January 2012, I am five months pregnant with our second baby girl. At 37, I am really grateful we finally entered this parenting game. Come May, we hope to have baby Lola safe and sound here at home with us.
We are in a new home. Turns out our little historical home in Central Phoenix was a bust. We ended up underwater, like everyone who bought in the housing bubble, and had to let it go. we got lucky and got a bigger nice home with a pool in Biltmore area. Ive been fixing it up to be exactly how I want it.
Its funny, in 2009, the things that consumed me. Surely not worrying about whether or not I was a bad mom because my two year and four month old still uses apacifier when she goes to bed. I didnt feel pains in my heart everyday as I drove off to work after leaving my child at the safe and wonderful daycare she goes too. Im pretty sure my idea of a perfect day wasnt getting manis/pedis with my curly topped chatterbox, and having a picnic in the grass singing "The more we get together".
Its really a cliche I know, but Im glad its mine to know. And so do all of my friends. Everyone has their babies, two or three... its good times.

Today I accepted a new job, after seven years as the Chief Pros. I'll be more directly working in Child abuse, and feel that its truly my calling. I am excited for the change. And its just right next door and with the same tribe, so all is going well there.

I have lots of things to write about. Like why Facebook can never feel like blogging. And why i miss my grandparents. And why I get so nervous to let people I love and respect know about my atheist tendencies. Why is that like a dirty little secret? its not catholic guilt... and my constant inability to understand mothers who abandon their children for men.

So here I am, knowing a whole lot more...signing off so i can hush my toddler and her singing tea pot so as not to wake her dad. She said "see you tomorrow Dad!" as she helped her self to an ice cream cup out of the freezer. hopefully this blogging thing will find me again, especailly as i move into a less stressful job.


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