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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Will you still love me? Will you still need me...when I'm...

THIRTY FOUR!  Holy crap. 
Its been forever and a day since I have posted.  And the sad excuse is literally a lack of time.  And a Facebook addiction.  I love Facebook though, since all of my relatives are online there and its really nice to keep in touch with all of them that way.  But it has taken away from my need to blog.  Also, we had a serious problem with our home computer, but now we have a new MacBook, and life is much improved.  (although, I don't recommend eating cherries with a white MacBook) For months, my internet access was limited to the five minutes I could jump on at work, and my blackberry.  But with Lu and Mandy blogging, I'm back to checking theirs, so here I am.  
Tomorrow is my 34th birthday, so Birthday week is in full effect.  My mom shipped me a box of fabulous fresh cherries.  How awesome is that!  Friday night, we had dinner with Suri and his very-pregnant wife at Havana Cafe, one of my favorites.  It was nice to see them, since with Suri, sometimes a lot of time can pass between visits.  But I think that's completely okay, and it takes time for a new spouse to gain trust with old friends.  She has been great, and I think Suri is so lucky to have her.   A baby in less than three weeks for them too!  Such a different Suri than the one I met and came to love six years ago.  Years FLY by.  I mean, it amazes me.  
Yesterday, I was co-hostess of a baby shower for another pregnant friend.  Doreen is due in three weeks as well.  It was a co-ed pool party, but very casual.  I found it super comfortable and relaxing.  Doreens husband is still "new" to me, but her family has been so welcoming and inclusive to me since I came to arizona ten years ago.  I love Indian people.  I love feeling like their house is my house, and not just in that polite "that's what people say" way.  I can never really put it into words, but it just is, and it makes sense to me.   Her nephew Aidan is the squishiest baby ever, and so easy-going.   Anyway, it was a good time and I'm so glad that i got to share in it.  Its weird when so many people I love and adore are so far away, and when we all have such limited time, I want to remember to appreciate the good times I am apart of. 
Today is brunch with El G.  We discovered that we have not really ever had brunch together.  So we are headed to Lon's.   I'm going to be traveling a lot in the next few weeks, so today should be nice.  I'm headed home to Brewfest Thursday, and then to Baltimore/DC next week for work and to visit with Ali and Mandy (and Everett!!!)    This month, I've already been to Laughlin (worst place on earth) and LA to visit the in-laws.  Its just a lot of travel this summer.
I'm excited to go home though.  I'm dying to see Wyatt.   Need to look in on pops.  Anyway, in addition to being really busy at work, I'm also still trying to run and Bikram Yoga.  I am quite the miserable one without my yoga.  El G and I took a nice trip to Cabo last month.    So we are working at enjoying time when we can.  Have I mentioned how great of a lawyer he is? I continue to be so impressed with that guy. 
  Gosh, having not blogged in forever, there's a million things I feel like writing about.  But, Brunch beckons.  Can I just say, turning 34 makes me feel a little weird about my whole life plan?  Yep.  I hate that stupid clock. 


  • At 1:25 PM, Blogger Little Star said…

    Crazy that you finaly posted... i'm so glad. I hadn't realized that i haven't checked your blog since before this post! I guess it fell out of the loop on my regular checks... but like you said... Facebook keeps people connected!

    But I'm not a Macbook fan, never warmed up to mine, had it little over 2 years, and i've had to get a new hard drive installed and it's at the end of it's useful life already again... very disappointed. I miss my IBM.
    But 34... yeah, that's rough... still in denial myself... i told the kids i'm going to keep turning 33 for a while... i don't know why, i just think 33 is a good age. 34 freaks me out.

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